Concert of Edina Mókus Szirtes and Tamás Keresztes

Concert of Embraces

As “Yiddishe Mamme” would protect her child from everything and would hold her child in her arms from birth till the end of their life, so that nothing bad can come to them and they could avoid all distress; this is how we want to embrace all human hearts to protect everyone from trouble, to provide comfort, encouragement...


The best partners in this are the many beautiful thoughts hidden in poems. The poems that we sing were bequeathed by geniuses of feeling and thought, and we keep being astounded by the eternal truth and comfort they provide. 


In addition to the poems of Miklós Radnóti, Attila József and Ernő Szép, we would like to sing songs at this concert that have been left behind by Mothers or about these magical women, in celebration of Motherhood. On this occasion, Gábor Presszer’s song Mama will be performed with a new instrumentation. 


Edina Mókus Szirtes and her string quartet will be accompanied by Tamás Keresztes, a wonderful artist of the Katona József Theatre, a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso, composer and orchestrator who, just like Mókus, is a master of effect/looper pedals provided by modern technology. 



The encounter of these two performers promises an exciting experience for the audience of the Jewish Art Days Festival, as this is the first time we can see them together on stage and enjoy their mutually inspiring performance.



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