Dés László, Dés András. Závada Pál és Závada Péter estje

From Father to Son – Music and Literature


Two generations will set foot on the stage for this occasion. Two musicians and two writers, fathers and sons, who introduce the audience to at least three different worlds in the Jewish Art Days Festival. 

You will witness the meeting of narrative prose, latest contemporary poetry, and virtuoso and serious jazz music that is able to encompass the texts and inspire insight and laughter at the same time. A sax player, a percussionist, a poet and a writer, who is not afraid to sing. Two Závadas and two Déses – who are similar, yet very different, and inspire each other together. Their versatility and artistry promise a memorable experience and a truly meaningful evening.   


Where is the Urania National Film Theater?

Events on 14th of May

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Events in the Urania National Film Theater

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INFORMATION: ZSIMÜ Ticket Office, 1072 Budapest, Akácfa u. 47.

Phone: +36 1 344 5409 - E-mail: info@zsidomuveszetinapok.hu


Organizer of the Jewish Art Days Festival:

Kultúr Produkciós Iroda Kft.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program!

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