Pest Nights

Budapest Bár

Music hall songs, chansons, hits of well-known Hungarian Jewish composers


With the participation of the Budapest Bár orchestra conducted by Róbert Farkas 


Singers: Dóri Behumi, Frenk, András Lovasi, Juci Németh


Guests: actresses Adél Jordán and Eszter Ónodi 


Budapest Bár will offer a special concert on May 13 during the Jewish Art Days. The guests of the performance entitled Pest Nights are two wonderful actresses of Katona József Theatre: Adél Jordán and Eszter Ónodi. During the evening, the orchestra will evoke the atmosphere of the good old Pest nights with adaptations from Jewish composers: the songs will be about Bohemian entertainment, love, sadness and happiness. The lively music of the varied orchestra, turning ten this year, joins ages, cultures and styles. A masterfully composed gipsy band accompanies the excellent singers when performing the breathtaking and heartwarming songs. Budapest Bár is an open source of joy for the ears! With the participation of the Budapest Bár orchestra conducted by Róbert Farkas, as well as Dóri Behumi, Juci Németh, András Lovasi and Frenk. Guests: Adél Jordán and Eszter Ónodi. 


Budapest Bár was founded and is conducted by Róbert Farkas. His original aim was to provide new impetus to the genre of café gipsy music, keeping the old traditions alive and renovating them. The band brought long forgotten melodies back into public knowledge and turned them part of youth culture. Since the band came into existence, they became the favorites of several generations – they dusted several old songs, revived forgotten ones and gave new shape and redressed very popular ones. Ages, cultures, styles and generations clash in this performance – making them popular among young and old alike. 



A gipsy music adaptation of breathtaking and heartwarming songs in a magical performance of excellent musicians and the legendary singers of Hungarian rock music. Budapest Bár, originally created to record one single album in 2007, became one of the most popular concert bands and is the regular participant of festivals and big stage events. The roots of the unique style that became the band trademark go back to the world of the Budapest cafés of the 1920s and 30s. The well-known and popular songs are reinterpreted on the grounds of gipsy music and mixed with jazz, pop, rock, klezmer and numerous musical genre elements, thereby creating the bases of a new musical genre, gipsy lounge.


After the old music hall songs, film scores and hits they advanced in time and keep stretching the limits of gipsy band melodies. Their huge repertoire is currently a very mixed one – they adapted all sorts of genres, Hungarian and foreign songs alike, to their individual „à la Budapest Bár” style. 


Budapest Bár flutters between musical styles and tears us out of everyday life. Be it from a wonderful violin solo, a memory, a perceived glance, a familiar song, an atmosphere – goose bumps are guaranteed!


The Budapest Bár orchestra: Róbert Farkas (violin, guitar), Mihály Farkas (hammered dulcimer), Károly Ökrös (accordion, piano), Richárd Farkas (bass), Ferenc Kisvári (percussion)


Singers: Dóri Behumi, Juci Németh, András Lovasi and Frenk. 

Guests: Adél Jordán and Eszter Ónodi

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Events on 13th of May

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