Tolerance in two parts

Jeff Baron: Visiting Mr. Green

The guest performance of Veres 1 Színház



Mr. Green: József Székhelyi

Ross Gardiner: Tamás Pál

Translated by: Dóra Esze

Production designer: Boróka Gedeon

Director: Kristóf Molnár


An average day in New York; the 86-year-old Mr. Green steps down from the sidewalk and is almost hit by Ross Gardiner’s car . The young man is sentenced to six months social work for reckless driving, which he unfortunately ends up spending with Mr. Green, whom he is required to visit once a week to take care of him. Of course, neither of the two is delighted with these coerced visits, which allows for great situational humour between the sullen, taciturn widower and the dynamic young office clerk. As the weeks go by, the ice in question of course begins to break. While their opinions clash about family, tradition, and religion, the two men share secrets with each other they had not talked about for a long time. And all this is done in such a lovely way that by the end of the play, the audience won’t only cry with laughter...

Jeff Baron’s award-winning comedy has been translated into 22 languages and has been on stage more than 500 times in 46 countries. Visiting Mr. Green is a captivating drama that is both heartfelt and irresistibly fun.

The piece hides unique opportunities for the actors: both roles are a real treat. The grumpy, conservative Mr. Green is played by Jászai Prize winner József Székhelyi, and Pál Tamás is ready to win the favour of the audience in the role of Ross Gardiner.



József Székhelyi

He graduated in 1971 at the College of Theatre and Film. His career started at the Katona József Theatre of Kecskemét and continued at the Madách Theatre. In 1979 he transferred to the National Theatre, in 1983 came the Madách Theatre again, between 1992 and 1994 he played in the Arizona Theatre, and in 1994 he became a member of the Petőfi Theatre of Sopron. He worked in the National Theatre/Hungarian Theatre of Pest, the Microscope Stage, the Szeged National Theatre, where he was a director from 2003 to 2008. He received the Jászai Mari Prize, the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, the Ring of Thalia and the Bartók Prize. He appeared in 35 films. On stage, from Hamlet to Fridolin Rettegi, he had approximately 300 roles and directed 25 plays during his career. He is married with six children and four grandchildren.


Tamás Pál

He has been playing on stage since the age of 16, he began his career at Margit Földessy’s IBS Stage in for example An Imaginary Report on an American Rock Festival, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Some Like It Hot, Shear Madness, Witness for the Prosecution, and Fame. He obtained country-wide recognition as a finalist in the 2nd series of Megasztár, but he has also continued his acting career. In Gödöllő he plays in Made in Hungária and Be Good All Your Life; in the Veres 1 Színház he appears in Not Now, Darling and Empire Gone With a Sneeze; in the RS9 Theatre in Budapest he plays in Dark Play and Burn This. His pleasant, deep voice has also been discovered by the dubbing profession.




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